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Spratt Music Publications have for seventy years provided young band and orchestra musicians with interesting music written by history's well know composers and arranged to allow them to 'sound good' as they develop skills.

The Double Reed Shop is proud to continue in this fine tradition with the publishing and distribution of the Instrumental Division of Spratt Music.

Sales to dealers and individuals are welcome.  Dealers please call for catalog and terms.

At present we do not have a printed catalog but hope it may be forthcoming during 2018.  Meanwhile please begin with best sellers below.  This list is NOT connected to the DRShop Catalog.

All Spratt shipping will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday week.  Orders placed during that week will ship on Monday and Tuesday, 27 & 28 Nov.
Thankyou for your indulgence
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Spratt Music Publishers
Instrumental Division

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The titles on this page are only highlights and not a complete catalog.
NOTE that this page is NOT connected to the Double Reed Shop On-line catalog.
The 'contact' form above has message space for your request and information so we can help you with the Spratt title you need to purchase. Thank you for your inquiry.

NEW:  If you live in or near New York State try our new NYSSMA folios. Each folio contains three pieces, 1 NYSSMA title, 2 additional lesser known, all complete with piano and instrumental parts. This is an attempt to introduce teachers to some of the lesser known solos. Each folio is $10.
Order for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trombone, baritone, tuba. Also order Special for flutists: All 3 Kuhlau Sonatas for $10

Highlights and Best Sellers from the Spratt Catalog
and from State Jr. & Sr. Hi. Contest Lists

For Cello

# 3001 VC  Krane, New School of Cello Playing Book I  
$  9.00
# 3002 VC Krane, New School of Cello Playing Book 2
# 302   VC  Intermediate Bach for Cello
# 320   VC Azari, Twenty Etudes for Two Celli  
# 321   VC   Azari, Folksongs, Airs and Dances for Two Celli 
# 310   VC Corelli / Krane, Sonata in G Minor for cello-piano

For Bassoon - 30 more titles in the catalog!

1293 BSN  Bach from the Beginning, arr. Yopp 
$  8.50
1272 BSN  Bach for the Bassoon, arr. Krane 
1271 BSN Bach, Suite for Bassoon, arr. Glickman
1299 BSN Godfrey, Variations on Lucy Long
1295 BSN   Lottridge, Jazz Piece
1296 BSN   MacKay, Stuart, Fagotte Gavotte 
1297 BSN  MacKay, Stuart, Ode to a Mode 
1266 BSN     Mozart, 2nd Bassoon Concerto (attrib. Devienne) just reprinted!

Especially for Young Clarinetists - 35 more in catalog!

1235 CL Arne / arr. Kaplan, Minuet and Gigue
$ 7.00
1242 CL Haydn / arr. Kaplan, Theme and Variations
1224 CL Kabalevesky, Commedians 
1244 CL Loeillet / arr. Kaplan, Minuetto  
1245 CL  Lully / arr Kaplan, Air and Courante  
1246 CL   Mozart / arr. Willaman, Solo fm. String Quartet
1247 CL  Purcell / Worley, Little Serenade 
1249 CL    Reinecke / arr.Kaplan, Lullaby and Moderato
1255 CL Whitney, Clarinata  - also available for alto or bass clarinet
1256 CL Whitney, Melancholy 

Especially for Young Oboists

# 1215 OB Handel, Sonata No.1
# 1234 OB Tartini/ Worley, Sarabanda 
# 3202 OB Wagner, Walther’s Prize Son   
This piece on Elaine Douvas Music Minus One, Classics for Beginners
# 3203 OB Labate, Concertino  
# 1233 OB   Latham, Sonata No. 2  

My favorite Ensembles

2110 W2 Gotham Collection of Duets for any two like instruments
2108 W2 Beethoven, Three Duets (in C, F, & Bb Major)Cl-bsn - An extra 1st part in C and a 2nd part in Bb make this a flexible piece.
2119 W3
Kuhlau, arr. Tustin, Sonatina, Op.20 / #1 for Fl-Ob-Clar
2115 W3
Kuhlau, arr. Tustin, Allegro, Op. 20 / #2 for Fl-Clar-Bsn or BCl.
2117 W3
Schumann, arr. Seay, Suite for 2 cl-bsn w/extra parts for 1st in C and 3rd in Bb

Especially for Brass

The following dozen titles are available for various instruments for young students on flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophones, bassoon, but especially important for trumpet, trombone, baritone horn, and tuba.
Prices range from $6.00 to $10. Each title comes with piano accompaniment and individual instrument part.  Baritone horn parts are printed in both treble and bass cleff. Please specify instrument!

# 1226 Blazevich, arr. Raphling, Etudes No.86 & No.92 - now published under one cover for Tbn. - $8.50
Tpt – Tbn – Bar
# 1210 Carissimi, arr. Barnes, Heart Victorious
Tpt – Tbn – Bar - Tba
# 1282 Cohen, Gypsy Romance
Tpt – Bar
# 1223 Duport, Romance  
Tbn – Bar
# 1218  Glinka, Romane Melody 
Tpt – Tbn – Bar
# 1211  Handel, arr. Barnes, Sound an Alarm
Tpt – Tbn – Bar -- Tba
# 1258 Haydn, Andante from Concerto 
Tpt – Tbn -- Bar
# 1220    Marteau, arr. Barnes, Morceau Vivant
Tpt – Tbn – Bar -- Tba
# 1212 Mozart, arr. Barnes, Per Questa Bella Mano
Tpt --Tbn -- Bar -- Tba
# 1229 Neukomm, arr. Kaplan, Aria 
Tpt – Tbn – Bar
# 1213 Pergolesi, arr. Barnes, Canzona 
Tpt – Tbn – Bar -- Tba
# 1214 Scarlatti, arr. Barnes, Aria fm / Opera Tigraine
Tpt – Tbn – Bar -- Tba
# 1259 Telemann, arr. Barnes, Arie from Pimpinone 
Tpt – Tbn – Bar -- Tba

The Double Reed Shop

P.O. Box 150, Barnet, Vermont 05821
Phone: 802-633-4014