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First List:  Bocal Music — 95 Titles of Chamber duos, trios, quartets for many different combinations of oboes &/or bassoons, all older publications by Bocal Music
Alan Hawkins, when he established Bocal Music, created the first library of music for us to enjoy with our double reed colleagues.  The first editions were all yellow covers, very distinctive.  Now, as history has taken Alan from us and his Publications are being printed and distributed by TrevCo, the library for double reeds continues to grow, the new publications have lovely new covers, and most are on the shelves of the DRShop.  Also on the shelves are too many old yellow covers.  The music is the same.  Only the cover and the price have changed.  ALL of my OLD YELLOW COVERS need to go -- at 30% to 50% savings.  Don't miss a chance to expand your studio library, gig for the summer with your friends, or just have a few duets for fun at summer camp.  The prices will never be more attractive!!

Second List:  Flexible Instrumentation Ensembles
Think about summer gigs, weddings, Camps, or fun gatherings
These sets, published by Alry, David Smith as Hymnsembles, or Last Resort, are intended as trio or quartets to be used for Church Service, gigs, weddings or entertainment events.  They have alternate parts for a variety of instrument combinations, and are written so as to be interesting but not difficult.
Last resort was intended for accomplished players to play a gig with little or no rehearsal.

I have combined arranged these publications in sets so as to give you flexibiity, and also to clear my shelves and make room for new.  Sets are not to be broken, and although may be giving you an extra part or two are also giving you flexibility for a future group and an excelent price! 

Third List:  Orchestra Parts
Kalmus Orchestra Parts and CD ROM Printable Orchestra Parts
Kalmus Part Folios used to be our only choice for studying a full part, not just the excerpt book.  These Kalmus Part Folios have been kicking around the Shop since the CD ROMs came out.  They are still just fine.  They will look just like the real part when you go to rehearsal or the audition.  And these are available at rock bottom, below cost, $5.00 a folio of 3 or 4 full works.  Check them out!!

The CD ROM Albums were Published between 2004 and 2009, 12 volumes of over 1,000 complete works for orchestra.  You print off your part, 1st, 2nd, or EH or Contra Bsn. You study and learn the music, go to rehearsal or audition and play off the original on good paper that doesn't fall on the floor in the middle of the solo.  Then when you are finished with that piece you throw away your paper and store nly the CD.  If you are an orchestra oboist or bassoonist, aspire to become, or teach those who aspire to someday have a similar position you need this set on your studio shelf.  Here is your chance to fill in the missing Volumes in your set or to jump toward a new project for tis summer.  $12 each.

More Lists Coming Soon! — some very expensive, Conference worn,  over sized titles — Medici Press Publications

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