SALE - 22 Woodwind Quintets - NEW EDITION

WW5 - Andraud Collection - NEW EDITION
Sales price: $99.95
Sales price without tax: $99.95

FULL SET (books) Classic Set in a new Edition with mis prints corrected and A SCORE!!. WW5 Level VI-VII / books also available for each instrument.  Great news!! as of June 2016 -- SALE PRICE $99.95.  AS OF JULY 1st expect to pay $120. for the complete set.  A SCORE only is available for $35.95. Yes, we now have a score to the Taffanel and the Lefbvere Quintets!!  OR, I have ONE set of the old edition left for $60 -- and buy just a a score for 34.95 -- the score will have corrected misprints.  After July 1st the new edition set with score will cost $120.

ANDRAUD, Albert J.