Orchestral Passages/Concertos of Mozart & Beethoven

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Composer: DEGEN, Bruce

Passages from Instrumental Concerntos of Mozart and Beethoven.   Contents:      MOZART: Piano Concertos: no.s 13 in C major K415; 15 in B-flat major K450; 16 in D major K451; 17 in G major K453; 18 in B-flat major K456; 19 in F major K459; 20 in d minor K466; 21 in C major K467; 22 in E-flat major K482; 23 in A major K488; 24 in c minor K491; 25 in C major K503; 26 in D major K537; 27 in B-flat major K595    AND   Clarinet Concerto in A major K622.          BEETHOVEN Concertos: no.s: 1 in C Major op.15; 2 in B-flat Major op.19; 3 in C minor op.37; 4 in G Major op.58; 5 in F-flate Major op.73;    AND   Romance in G Major op. 40, Romance in F Major op.50, Concerto to Violin, Cello, and Piano in C Major op.56, Violin Concerto in D Major op.61.

DEGEN, Bruce