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for Oboe

Publishers come and go and do a Gypsy Rondo around the world, and keeping track of them is one of the most difficult tasks of this business!  Josef Marx, one of our prestigious early 20th Century oboists, was also responsible for making available some very lovely and important publications under the name of McGinnis and Marx (McGinnis, the clarinetist!).  These publications have been mostly unavailable the last 15 years. 
I am excited to announce that the Marx catalog is again being published, and is quickly becoming available.  I have them as quickly as I can get them!

Highlights from the now available Marx Publication: those most often wanted, in vain, the last years!

Losacki, The Clasical Woodwind Cadenza Workbook is available again.
After being unavailable for the last 10 years all of the Josef Marx publications are now with a new publisher and in stock!  Hurray!! -- a lot of really good titles!!!  The Cadenza book will sell for $22, but if you want to spend the summer studying how to write your own cadenza to the Mozart Concerto,  order it for $19.95. 

Lamotte / Marx, Basic Scale and Arpeggio Studies. 
Special Summer Price $12
A Little Book of only 8 studies, but each one takes you through all of the major and minor keys, beginning with scales and progressing through arpeggios and 3rds, etc.  It  is a great book for a college Studio, I used it and my students found it difficult -- I think too much for the average high school student!  It was also part of my daily ritual to keep the patterns in place.  I have a pile of them again!!  Price $14, Summer Sale $12.00

Barbirolli / Pergolesi, Concerto -- transcription of Pergolesi pieces for Oboe and Piano.

This Concerto had been published by Oxford but was for years out of print.  It is now available from another English Publisher and again in my reguar stock. I loved this piece as a good Concerto before the BIG ones - short, lovely slow 1st mov., dancing 3/8 2nd mov., song 3rd. Orchestral material is available.

Bach Without Words, in four Volumes, Bach Arias from the Church Cantatas
.  NEW
These are transcribed for oboe & piano by Mark Biggam, a very talented composer and arranger.

Volume 1 includes Arias from Cantatas 12, 22,. 32, 48, 73, 79

Volume 2 includes Arias from Cantatas 82, 89, 127, 140, 152

Volume 3 includes Arias from Cantatas 166, 187, 202 (Wedding Cantata), Christmas Oratorio, and St. Matthew Passion

Volume 4 is for English Horn and includes Arias from Cantaatas 1, 6, 16, 74, 177, 186, all for EH.

Order these for summer Church gigs or for your own meditations.  Perfect way to enjoy Bach!

SPECIAL #1: Before Sept. 15th only, get all 4 volumes for $80 
(Each Volume is usually $22.50)

SPECIAL #2: ORDER JUST THE 3 OBOE VOLUMES for $60 + $9 shipping

Barret, 40 Progressive Etudes for Double Reed Quartet - Yes, I kid you not!
See below in Double Reed Chamber Music Ensembles for details!

Three pieces, all by women composers, not NEW, but will be new to your recitals, and maybe your teachers! Worth a try:

Thea Musgrave, Night Windows for oboe & piano, 5 movements, 13 minutes, check it out:

Alyssa Moris, Four Personalities for oboe and piano. Title colors refer to the old Hartman Personality Tests.
I remember this piece from 2012 IDRS, one of the outstanding new works. Worth your time!

Joan Tower, Island Prelude, Choice of two versions:
Oboe and String Quartet

Oboe and Wind Quartet

(This is the original version, WW5 with oboist as a soloist.It is a 10 minute piece, dates from 1989, but not published until 2007.  Stunning piece!)

More NEW issues for oboists:

Jeffry Rathbun, Four More Diversions -- If you played his Three Diversions you will love these, and love the challenge!  They were premiered also at the 2012 IDRS Conference by Jeff and his colleague from Cleveland, Frank Rosenwein.  Duets on college recitals?  These will be impressive!!  ORDER HERE

Russell Platt, Jack and the Beanstalk, the fairy tale story set for oboe, string trio & narrator.  It will be a winner with its renewed popularity in the musical Into the Woods.  Can be a suite w/o narration also -- just good music as well as novelty story.  ORDER HERE


for Bassoon


The Six Dard Sonatas have been transcribed for Bassoon and piano by Bodo Koenigbeck and Published in 2 Volumes.  The Sixth Sonata is on the required list for 2016 Gillet/Fox. To my knowledge this volume is only place to find this Sonata. They are German Published.  I doubt you'll find this on Amazon!

Dard Volume 1 ORDER HERE             ~~~~~             Dard Volume 2  ORDER HERE

Anna Garman, Flayed, for Bassoon and Piano
This is a one movement through composed piece, a brilliant major work for this years recital!


Jenni Brandon, Colored Stones, for solo bassoon.  A required piece for the Meg Quigley Competition.

Variations on Silver Threads Among the Gold by Michael Campbell 2 bassoons and piano.
Grab a bassoonist friend -- two good bassoonists will have a hoot with this -- a wonderful arrangement of an old tune.

 Go to the Competitions page for further requirements for
Meg Quigley and IDRS Young Artist and Gillet / Fox Competitions.


for Double Reed Chamber Ensemble -- 2 Oboes, English horn, Bassoon


Barret, 40 Progressive Etudes for Double Reed Quartet - the latest and best of Barret!

My first reaction was "Why do we need this?",  But I think they are well done and will be useful.
After looking at them briefly -- The melody stays mostly but not totally in the 1st oboe, nothing weird has changed Barret's phrasing.  A lot of inner parts have been added to make it interesting for all four players.  They ARE lovely pieces and can be useful as a quartet, fun in the studio, and pleasing for an audience.  This is not however to replace the importance of these etudes as teaching pieces.  They need to be understood, taught, and digested, probably multiple times!

The forty melodies have been divided into five volumes, 8 in each. Price varies between $24 and $32 per volume and total $144 for the set of five. Each volume includes score and parts.  Of course you may purchase each volume separately.  But if you want to present a gift to the Studio order the set, all five, on SALE for $120 -- through September 15 only!

Set of Five volumes $120

Vol.1 (Melodies 1-8)

Vol.2 (#s 9- 16)

Vol.3 (#s 17 - 24)

Vol.4 (#s 25 - 32)

Vol.5 (#33 - 40)

Much more than Barret is new for Double Reed Ensemble -- both serious and fun music.   
Gather your friends, students, colleagues, and have some fun, maybe even a gig!

Three Old Standards, all arranged by Ken Watson, all three for Double Reed Quartet:

Henry Mancini, Moon River, arr. by Ken Watson.
Remember the film, Breakfast at Tiffany's!  A nice lush arrangement.

Henry Mancini, Charade.
The title song from the movie.  These are really 'Oldies but Goodies"! 

George Gershwin, Three Preludes.
Your audience will want to sing along they are so familiar! 



Mixed Instrument Chamber Ensembles


New Music coming soon!


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