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The Gail Warnaar Double Reed Shop is THE place for print music for oboe, English Horn, and bassoon. Music for practice and study, for program and contest, for fun and group ensemble playing, for beginners or intermediates from 9 to 90, as well as the professional concert musician, advanced student, or amateur music lover.  Share our passion for the oboe and bassoon and be delighted and amazed at what you will find at the Double Reed Shop! Browse our catalog in many categories or use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get ahold of us.  Our specialty is knowledge and service.  Let us help with your print music needs and questions.


Note: AN OPPORTUNITY -- Possitly for YOU!  It is time for the DRShop to pass on to a new owner, preferably an oboist.  Forty years ago this endeavor was an out-growth of the DRCamp and a need to have materials avaiable for my students and Campers.  It has grown, evolved, and become a unique business. 

Forty years ago I was a young Mother and an oboist traveling up and down the Lake Michigan Shore line teacheing and free lance performing in everything that needed and oboist.  The Shop was first confined to a closet off my studio,  then spread to include a large latteral file cabinet.  From there it took over the 'breakfast bar' and cane preparation moved to a desk in the basement.  It then moved into its own room under our added on family room -- finally all in one space, with 120 feet of shelf space. 

Today it still occupies a good 120 feet of shelf space.  EVERYONE seems to be selling accessories -- their own inventions and everyones!  So I am liquidating the last of the accessories and tube cane and tools.  However there are very few print dealers in the world who have more than a couple of feet or 2 file drawers dedicated toe double reed music.  If you have a passion for music, some knowledge of the oboe and bassoon, the desire for a home based part time business, this may be an opportunity for you!  Let's talk!!  My expeertise and assistance can accompany the sale as long as I am able and needed!


For forty years the Gail Warnaar Double Reed Shop has supplied print music and accessories to the oboe and bassoon playing world.  With over seven thousand different titles in stock we are ready to send you method books, etudes, solos, duets, chamber music, and woodwind quintets and larger ensembles.  Search our 600 plus WW5 titles for your ensemble.


Teachers and parents of young students will find the beginning and intermediate sections helpful.  Teachersplease Register for Discount on Materials for your students.


Gail is also ready to share a life time of oboe and bassoon expertise gleaned from teaching and performing, including 20 years directing and teaching with the Gail Warnaar Double Reed Camp and 33 years as adjunct professor at Hope College in Holland Michigan.  Ask for suggestions or for music you don't find listed.


Liquidating the accessories and CDs parts of the Shop inventory will provide time and space in order to better serve you with print music. Go to CDs on Sale page for PDF lists and sale information!  The last of the CDs -- about 90 different double reed discs left!  Check out the "CD Liquidation" Page in the menu.  Keep watch on Bargains and Clearance on this web site and in the catalog for special deals!


Holiday Vacation Schedule: Thanksgiving --  Closed Wednesday through the weekend - our annual Warnaar Family gathering!.  We will also be "officially" closed during the week between Christmas and New Years.  If you wish to visit the Shop during these times please call or email before the holidays to arrange a time specific. Visits are welcome, pre-arranged.  Shippments will probably not go out until January 2nd.


The Double Reed Shop shares a roof with The Old Homestead, a beautiful and historic bed and breakfast in the northeastern Vermont Connecticut River Valley.  We invite you and your ensemble to stay with us at the Inn for a rehearsal retreat and to choose music for your next season.  Call to schedule time in our rehearsal room.

 Thanksgiving week -- annual family trip to VA
The DRShop will be closed
Xmas to NYs Holiday week -- we are 'officially closed
IF you are in the area and want to visit the Shop during
this Holiday week please call for an appointment.

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I find the problem is one of too much information in each file, coupled with poor programing.  I am  looking for a Virtue Mart Expert to help fix and update catalog problems.  My expertise is music, not technology!

  • PayPal is best used for foreign orders which can not figure the postage correctly. When I receive your PayPal Order I will send you a PayPal Invoice with the exact amount of your purchase and shipping.  You will then pay the PayPal Invoice by asking your account to post a payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Not so difficult, but an extra step!

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  • The search box will find what ever you ask of it,  by composer or a word or a title.  Keep it simple. i.e. Go first to a general category like "Music for Oboe", then type in 'Sonat' (which gets you both German Sonate and English Sonata), or 'Bach, J'.  This will get you a more defined llist to browse.  OR:
    Browse all the Oboe Music HERE.  Prices may be a bit out dated.  But browsing may be easier.

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