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Vacation Notice

No plans for vacation until Thanksgiving Week
Plan to visit the DRShop on your northeast trips this summer
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Spend the night at The Old Homestead for reduced DR Rates

Great Stock Reduction Sale — Extended to June 15th
any 3 items or more
- 20% Off
1 item - 10% — 2 items 15%
Titles in Stock only - no back orders or special orders
THINK AHEAD - they tell me summer WILL come to the NE!

Please check "Sale 2019" in the menu

for the following On-Line Sale Lists
  many rock bottom deals, through June 15th only!

1) All Bocal Music "old yellow covers"
same music in the old yellow covers@25 - 40% off
many double reed and mixed instrument ensembles

2) Flexible instrumentation sets by Last Resort, Alry,
and Hymnsembles by Majestic Music

3) Orchestra Parts by Kalmus and CD ROM Albums
for audition prepaaration, or a jump on next season!

Don't miss BIG SAVINGS for your summer
gigs, camps, fun ensembles, and special lessons


Gillet-Fox & Young Artists — Competition Music Available
See 'Competition Page' in menu for lists

Note to Oboists: 

I have, in stock, Cantus III by Thierry Escaich
this piece was written and published in 2017 as a commission
for the ARD International Music Competition. 
A worthwhile 21st Century piece for Oboe alone - $21.99

English Hornists: your choices and library are exploding with new works!! 
Just received:  Daniel Dorff, Hot Spots for EH & Clarinet
a mature work in three movements with a Caribben flare! — $18.99

New issue for Bassoonists -- worth your serious look
Just released — new edition of Weissenborn, The First Complete!
Just released Edited by Frank Morelli, includes All Studies of Op 8, Milde Scales of Op 24,
plus aditional duets, etudes, orchestral excerpts, and explainations of playing techniques.
If you teach you need to examine this important Edition!  - $34.99

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IDRS Contest Music is in stock for 2019
Gillet - Fox (Bassoon) & Young Artist (Oboe)
see 'Competitions Page' for details.

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