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2021 IDRS Competition Music Now Available
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COVID-19 has been a challenging time for all of us. 
 As we open our businesses and activities it is good to again 
 enjoy the social aspects of making music together. 
The larger band and orchestra rehearsals, and concerts
in many areas are still cancelled for this summer. 

Most of us can now gather for chamber music ensembles.
As we do this for rehearsals and small performaces let us 
keep our safe distances and promote live music in all venues.
Face coverings are a little bit challenging, but I would hope that our
 audiences would respect one anothe enough to comply and keep us all safe.

As you plan ahead let the DRShop help you with Chamber Music selections.
We have a good selection on the shelf of music for 2, 3, 4, to 13
(Mozart Wind Serenade), or double quintets from Compusic.

Just let us know what you need for your instrumentaton.

Contnue to stay safe, be well, and create our new musical norm!
Keep the music in your heart and soul, and in a new more peaceful world.

Summer Sale will continue with Chamber Music:

any three titles of Ensemble music in stock

20% off - June and July
We can finally, again enjoy making music together!

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